A Grim Day Out – Castle Carrock Road Race

Report by David Stammers

This past Sunday was my first road race of the season having competed in two time trials so far whilst battling illness. The forecast was set for classic season weather and didn’t disappoint.

A false start due to having no first aider meant I was well positioned in the roll out in the second row behind the race lead car. The course was a good 5 miles from the HQ which gave us all time to get wet and warm up the legs, as much as you can when the lead out is mostly coasting and breaking 😉

We get onto the course and the race starts proper. The pace is intense and I soon find myself sprinting to keep up, this catches up to me quickly and the legs start to fade. Clinging on to the bunch I soon find myself staring from two to three bike lengths behind the bunch. Which is where I stay for the next ten minutes or so trying to chase back on in a cross wind.


Credit to http://www.granddayoutphotography.co.uk/

This is to no avail and I resign myself to waiting for stragglers to work with… I’m in luck when a solitary figure drops back to join me, and nine appear from behind me, apparently caught out in the strong cross winds! Such was the ferocity of the split that I hadn’t considered there’d be people behind me. We worked as a team of 11 but soon realised we would be working to finish the race, not win it.

The group dwindled one by one until only four of us remained. I put in a little dig on the final bit of ascent but only managed to make my thighs burn, distance myself from one rider and watch as two rock to roll riders headed for the finish line. I rolled in 35th out of the 61 that signed up.

Credit to http://www.granddayoutphotography.co.uk/



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