Majorca 2017 Training Camp Gallery

By Mike Humphreys

Last week Team ASL-Bolton riders Rachel, Graham, Gareth, Neil, David and Mike joined Team Chronomaster for their annual trip to Majorca.

The training camp has gained a reputation on the NW racing scene as a week-long sufferfest, and the ASL guys were keen to sink our teeth in and see how the early season form was coming along (or not).

As a team in our first season, it was the perfect opportunity for some proper team-building and a chance to identify each other’s strengths and roles in race scenarios.

Each day began full-gas from the gun, heading out through the winding lanes (fun if it was damp) before heading out to either pull each other’s legs off in the mountains or through-and-off into the wind, or a healthy dose of both.

In short, it wasn’t much of a holiday.

At the top of the first big climb of the week – the monastery of Sant Salvador


Sa Calobra lived up to its reputation as one of the best climbs in the world and everyone felt it 4 days in.


Dave takes the final hairpin on our rest day ride to Cap de Formentor. Perfect roads, dramatic coastline, good coffee. Couldn’t ask for more.
Me, looking far too happy – I was either in denial, or laughing to hide the tears.


All aboard the Chronomaster / ASL-Bolton train!


How it Happened – Gareth’s Diary

“First time cycling in Majorca so didn’t know what to expect. After a slow start to 2017 with a virus I couldn’t wait to get out and feel the sun on my back.

“Shortly after arriving we built up bikes and took a short ride out to Muro. This was to be a ‘gentle’ warm up for the week ahead!

“Day 2 was a hard 95 miles including Sant Salvador and my winter legs were feeling the pain. I made sure I took full advantage of the buffet back at the hotel, plenty of fish for the added protein.

“On day 3 we headed out to Soller and tackled many climbs along the way totalling 8,061ft of climbing. We finished the day on 86 miles averaging 18 mph.

“Day 4 was another 90+ mile day which included Sa Calobra. With 7,000 ft of climbing I was ready for a rest day.

“Day 5 (rest day) which was a gentle 26 mile ride to the lighthouse. It was nice to take it easy and get the opportunity to stop to take photos.

“Day 6 was the longest day. A punishment for the rest day! We did 98 miles which i didn’t have the energy to round off to 100 which i believe some people did. It was a pretty flat day but did take on Valldemossa where Graham Balshaw got a puncture on the decent and nearly went over the edge! Total climbing was 5,793 ft.

“The last day – not wanting to leave anything out there. It was full gas for all 82 miles averaging over 20 mph. We went as far south as Randa with a climb in between. Total climbing was 3,694 ft.

“Glad to say there were no injuries and no serious bike mechanicals. Total miles for the week (for me anyway) was 510 and 31,569 ft of climbing. Great trip and I plan to do it again in 2018.”

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