Gareth Balshaw

Name: Gareth Balshaw
Nationality: British
DOB: 12-03-1984
Height: 6.0ft
Weight: 76kg
Racing Style: Keeping out of trouble
Race Category: 2
Best Race Result: 1st in CAT3 category – Dave Hitchen 2 day (2016)
Racing Goal: CAT1

I started cycling in 2014 after buying a second hand (FORME) bike.
Throughout that winter I trained with Team Chronomaster and was encouraged to race in 2015.I entered a few races under my own name and scored enough points to get my CAT3 licence.

In 2016 I raced with Team Chronomaster and gained enough points to move up to CAT2.
Towards the end of 2016 my farther set up a new race team (Team ASL) and I joined with 6 other riders. My goal is to reach CAT1 in the coming years.